Convenience stores are a big part of daily life for Japanese youth, a place where Seishun (springtime of youth) memories are made. It is a place where you can stop by on a date, grab drinks on the go with friends or even pick up a late night snack. So we opened Tinder’s convenience store, SwipeMart, in Shibuya, the center of Tokyo's youth culture. We brought the world of Tinder offline and made it a place where people can mingle and experience their "Seishun" in a real and easy way. During the day, SwipeMart offers original Tinder goods, while at night, it transforms into a concert venue. All of which is free with a Tinder profile.

Project: SwipeMart
Client: Tinder
Role: Graphic Designer
Creative: Wieden+Kennedy
Production: Hakuten

︎ Retail Branding
︎ Experiential Design
︎ Photo Booth UI
︎ Products


Our very first Tinder campaign puts a new spin on the Japanese concept of “Seishun” (springtime of youth), which is typically centered around school uniforms and teenage memories. Tinder believes that Seishun doesn’t end when high school does. It’s a feeling that can be seized by meeting new people and experiencing new things. This is particularly true for those who missed out on many important memories during nearly three years of COVID-19 restrictions.

Project: 一瞬で青春。(Seishun in a Second)
Client: Tinder
Role: Graphic Designer
Creative: Wieden+Kennedy
Photographer: Fish Zhang
Typographer: Zuma

︎ Key Visuals
︎ OOH

Nike Juku

We created Nike Juku, a program aiming to help students refresh their brains through short, simple study breaks where they get their bodies moving.
Since sport's impact on academic performance has never been explained, we launched the initiative through a song written in collaboration with ATARASHII GAKKO!, a band with over 3.5 million followers on TikTok.

Project: Nike Juku
Client: Nike
Role: Junior Designer
Creative: Wieden+Kennedy
Photographer: Masumi Ishida
Production: AOI Pro.

︎ Assisting Visual Identity
︎ Apparel/Merch Design

Tiny Homes

IKEA RENTS OUT A FULLY FURNISHED ‘TINY HOME’ FOR ONLY 99 YEN A MONTH. With the Tiny Homes campaign, we were out to prove that IKEA has bespoke solutions that can turn any space into a happy home, no matter how small. Tiny Homes sees IKEA’s iconic soft toy shark, BLÅHAJ, come to life as a fully realized character for the very first time. Serving as the world’s first “Real Estate Shark,” Agent BLÅHAJ is the storyteller of the campaign, from his “Tiny Homes” real estate agency.

Project: Tiny Homes
Client: IKEA
Role: Junior Designer
Creative: Wieden+Kennedy
Production: NAKAMA

︎ 3D Motion Graphics Assets
︎ Merch Design



Miir is an evolutionary healthcare interface that visualizes user’s health through a virtual plant.
Inspired by the buddhist principles of nurturing ourselves by cherishing nature and our surroundings, Miir reflects users’ water balance and physical/mental health status through a personalized plant in AR.

Project: Miir
Role: Designer, Art Director

︎ Visual Identity
︎ UI/UX
︎ 3D Design
︎ Augmented Reality